Nathanael-Osirius Woggon
This is what I look like.

Hey, I’m Nathanael-Osirius.
But feel free to call me “Natha” or “Nathan”.

I’m an introvert.
I’m a minimalist.

I’m a human.

Welcome to my little world.

This Is My Story

To be honest with you, I’m not so fancy sharing all my personal story with everyone. From time to time I might share something in my blog. But it will take time.

So why do I have this website? First of all, it just shows you a little about who I am. It will also tell you about what I do.

But in the end it’s just a way to express myself because I found out, writing helps me a lot to deal with stress, when having a bad day and life in general.

It also makes me very happy when I can help someone else to achieve their goals. Maybe this website will help someone in their life — could be yours?
I would love to hear from you!

Thanks for being here .

My Values & Beliefs

When I created this website and when I was thinking about “Who am I? What do I believe in and what do I value the most?”, I decided the best is to put it into three words:

Introvert. Minimalist. Human.

Read more about it here.

I’m an Introvert

I love being on my own. And at the same time I enjoy having a good conversation with a friend. I don’t need to be the centre of attention, I rather be in the background. I get stressed by the extroverted society, although 30 to 50% are introverts as well. I need quietness to recharge my inner batteries and get exhausted when it’s noisy. I’m a good listener. I value quality over quantity.

I’m an introvert. And I’m proud of it.

This is about introversion. The person I am.

I’m a Minimalist

Not owning many things is just a small part of being a minimalist. For me, minimalism means getting rid of all the things that don’t make me happy or provide any value to my life. Instead, focusing on the things that do make me happy and a better person in general.

This is related to anything in life. Things we own, friends we have, feelings we feel, … Focusing on what gives us positive energy and getting rid of what doesn’t. That’s what I believe in. That’s what minimalism is about.

Some things I love and that give me a lot of positive energy are:

  • Nature: I love being in the nature. A short walk in the forest, hiking in the mountains or camping in the wilderness. Being outside enables me to recharge my inner batteries, thinking positive and feeling grateful about my life.
  • Travelling: I enjoy getting to know foreign countries and travelling. It’s challenging and not always fun. But it’s such an amazing feeling to explore more than just one page in the book of life.
  • Music: Listening to music is like being in another world. Playing the guitar is like meditation for me. Music makes me feel better.
  • Knowledge: Learning something new every day. That’s one thing I try to achieve. I love reading. I believe education will make the world a better place. Knowledge is important.

This is about minimalism. The lifestyle I chose.

I’m a Human

We are all unique and at the same time kind of the same. We are all humans. No one of us is perfect — and that’s what makes us perfect. We are all living on this beautiful planet, called “The Earth”. We only have one planet like the earth (at least at the time of writing) and we should take care of her.

I believe, when we all use our unique skills, we can make that world a better place. We can teach others about new things, and we can learn from them. Everyone knows something that others don’t.

So this is me. Just a human like you. And at the same time a unique person who’s an introvert and a minimalist. I’m a human and I’m happy to make the world a better place.

This is about humanity. Making the world a better place.

Wait! There’s More!

Wanna know what I do? Have a look here.
Or have a look at my blog where I occasionally post some stuff.
You can also contact me here.

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