This is not one of those “Give me your money and I tell you how to be happy because I’m so good” kind of blogs.

This is more like my personal journal. It helps me to feel better and express myself. And maybe there’s something that will help you as well.


This is about introversion. The person I am.

I’m an introvert and I’m proud of it. This is about my life as an introvert and how I deal with it.


This is about minimalism. The lifestyle I chose.

Minimalism means focusing on what gives us positive energy and getting rid of what doesn’t. That’s what I believe in.


This is about humanity. Making the world a better place.

I’m a human and I’m happy to make the world a better place. This is about how I use my unique skills to do so.

Some Random Stuff

These are just a few random posts that do not fit in one of the other categories. Just some random thoughts, ideas or whatever.

Please note: Everything posted in this blog is my opinion. You might think differently and that’s amazing, too!

Image by unsplash-logoHannah Olinger