What am I doing? That is a good question — would love to know that as well.

Just kidding. If you’re really interested in what I’m doing for a living, have a look at this page. It’s not really exciting, but who knows. Maybe it’s something you really wanna know.

I Build Websites

Yes. That’s what I do. I build WordPress websites for entrepreneurs and small businesses. My clients are mainly from Germany, but I do work with international clients as well.

Fully Remote

All I do is fully remote. I do not have a fixed office, I do not have fixed hours I have to work. With the power of the internet, all my work is done online. Client communication, accounting, building websites, working in a team, … All of it is time and location independent.


Osirius is the name of my business. I founded osirius in the beginning of 2017. To read more about what we do and everything else, have a look at our website: osirius.de.

Image by unsplash-logoGeorge Pagan III